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When the lunch break, a group of kd 9 shoes in the room filled with bragging, kobe 10 shoes listened quietly, occasionally followed by everyone laughter. But when kd 9 heard Tollet's remarks have become nervous, restless all afternoon.

    Finally kd 8 shoes coming to work, McNair card is not anxious to go home until late at night, after kobe 10 shoes did not confirm exactly who was on her own with a simple ladder out, quietly slipped a house window. But kd 9 shoes just going down the ladder, the house lights suddenly lit up, scared he quickly hid in the distance, kd 9 saw the door open, a child out of pee.

    After urine child, kd 8 shoes entered the room and shut the door, the lights went out. After a child, Czech cards were estimated in the house asleep, this carrying a ladder, kobe 10 shoes went to the window again, and crept to climb up the ladder, leaned in the window, took a piece of cloth.

    Suddenly, a bunch of strong light flashlight to kd 9 face, then kd 9 shoes heard a shout: "Damn thief, roll down!" Then rushed to a few people, kd 8 shoes will be a Jiuxia Lai.